Adventure Travel – Destinations With Amazing Underwater Attractions

underwater tour gold coastSome of the best sites on the earth are underwater. It is no wonder why underwater tour has become popular with many travellers. There is fun and thrill when you get to see the spectacular underwater scenery and life that surrounds it. You can find many destinations that offer the best underwater adventures.

Looking for a holiday destination where you can explore the beauty of the underwater world? Here are some great places to visit and enjoy underwater adventures.

Submerged City of Shi Cheng

Also known as the “Atlantis of the East,” this stunning destination is located China. Submersed in 1959 and almost forgotten until after its rediscovery under 40 meters of water in Quiandao Lake. This 1,300 years old underwater city reminds tourists of the once mighty Imperial China. Divers will enjoy seeing the perfectly preserved ancient architectures from the Ming Dynasty to the Quing Dynasty.

The Orda Cave in Russia

This 5.1-kilometre gypsum crystal cave is one of the longest caves in the world. About 4.8 kilometres of the place is submerged and they are definitely a joy to explore. You will find the spectacular cathedral-like wall in crystal clean water. A perfect place for underwater photography.

Maui in Hawaii

One of the popular destinations for an underwater tour because the island offers a lot of snorkelling sites. Maui has the most number of swimmable beaches among the Hawaiian Islands. Tourists will fall in love with the diverse marine life around the island and the native Hawaii element of ancient lava rocks.

The Ithaa Restaurant in Maldives

This place offers excitement on a different level. Established below sea level, a spiral staircase leads to the underwater restaurant. You will be amazed at the striking panoramic underwater view that surrounds the restaurant. The structurally sound restaurant boasts the 270-degree view of the sea around and above you. Also, the restaurant functions as a guest room so an overnight stay can be arranged.