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Tips To Have The Best Travel Experience With Family

family travelTravelling with kids should always be enjoyable because you know that when you travel with them, you are sharing the experience with them. While most parents would definitely want to travel with their children but it can also be challenging as the focus of the trip will mainly be on how to make your children comfortable and happy while not focusing all on your wants.

Here are some tips on how you can have the best experience as a family when you travel:

Balance what they need

If you are bringing your small kids, it is important to pay attention to their needs. You need to find a proper balance between their rest time and activities. It won’t be good if your children are bored while on the road and it is also not great if they overtired because of continuous activities throughout the day.

Keep it slow

Bringing your children with you while you go on a trip is far different when you travel solo or a couple. Be realistic about what you can see and do in a day and what the kids can enjoy. Do not try to cramp everything in your itinerary. Remember that the less you need to do for that trip, the more enjoyable and stress-free you and the whole family would feel.

What are your travelling preferences

Most families have their own travelling preferences which would mostly depend on their interests. Children would just simply follow what their parents want but it would also be great if you can include the children in some decision making.

Most children love water and would prefer to go to the beach, others would even love to go hiking or camping. When choosing the right place, make sure to include your budgets and expectations to create an exciting family trip.

Adventure Travel – Destinations With Amazing Underwater Attractions

underwater tour gold coastSome of the best sites on the earth are underwater. It is no wonder why underwater tour has become popular with many travellers. There is fun and thrill when you get to see the spectacular underwater scenery and life that surrounds it. You can find many destinations that offer the best underwater adventures.

Looking for a holiday destination where you can explore the beauty of the underwater world? Here are some great places to visit and enjoy underwater adventures.

Submerged City of Shi Cheng

Also known as the “Atlantis of the East,” this stunning destination is located China. Submersed in 1959 and almost forgotten until after its rediscovery under 40 meters of water in Quiandao Lake. This 1,300 years old underwater city reminds tourists of the once mighty Imperial China. Divers will enjoy seeing the perfectly preserved ancient architectures from the Ming Dynasty to the Quing Dynasty.

The Orda Cave in Russia

This 5.1-kilometre gypsum crystal cave is one of the longest caves in the world. About 4.8 kilometres of the place is submerged and they are definitely a joy to explore. You will find the spectacular cathedral-like wall in crystal clean water. A perfect place for underwater photography.

Maui in Hawaii

One of the popular destinations for an underwater tour because the island offers a lot of snorkelling sites. Maui has the most number of swimmable beaches among the Hawaiian Islands. Tourists will fall in love with the diverse marine life around the island and the native Hawaii element of ancient lava rocks.

The Ithaa Restaurant in Maldives

This place offers excitement on a different level. Established below sea level, a spiral staircase leads to the underwater restaurant. You will be amazed at the striking panoramic underwater view that surrounds the restaurant. The structurally sound restaurant boasts the 270-degree view of the sea around and above you. Also, the restaurant functions as a guest room so an overnight stay can be arranged.

Points To Remember When Looking For a Good Travel Operator

travel and leisure ipswichAre you looking to visit a different place or country in your next vacation trip? You may want to consider hiring a tour operation because going to a new place can be a really fun experience, but it could also be stressful if you do not have any idea about the location, language, food and more.

Hiring a tour operator will lessen the burden of travel preparation and make your trip hassle-free. Having travel assistance from a local tour operator will really cost a lot compared to paying extravagantly on other things on the trip. With a tour operator, you can enjoy the best places, hotels, food and more. You are also not short on information about the history of the location you intend to visit as a knowledgeable operator will provide you with all the important things you need to know.

Where to look for a travel operator

You may start looking for local operators from travel agencies in your area. You may also search the Internet for online travelling agencies providing services of an experienced tour operator.

Qualities of a good travel operator

There are many tour operators out there but not all of them are equally the same. The ideal operator should be an expert in guiding tourists throughout the trip without any hassle. An experienced operator will make your travel comfortable and not worry about directions and routes.

More than this, an operator should possess a friendly attitude, so that you won’t feel uncomfortable or unattended during the entire trip. A tour guide must have good organizational and communication skills, especially when travelling with a group to avoid chaos and confusion. He or she must be able to maintain coordination among group members and follow the schedule of the trip.

Time management is another important aspect of a reliable operator because you need to be on time for the scheduled places to visit without any delay. When you hire a travel operator, the success of your holiday trip depends on how your operator prepares and handle all your travel needs so look for the best tour operator.

Travel Packing Tip For A Smooth Journey

travel packing tips redbank plainsMany travellers make a lot of mistakes when it comes to packing. Even for frequent travellers, packing can be a daunting task. Here are some easy packing tips for making your travel go smoothly.

Check the weight of your luggage. How heavy is your luggage? A lighter bag is easier to manage. Know your airline’s weight limit and charges online before you pack your things for the travel.

Make your suitcase unique. Many bags look alike so you will want to make your suitcase stand out at baggage claim. Adding a colourful ribbon can make your suitcase easy to identify.

Less is more. You need fewer clothes and shoes than you think you do. Make a packing list of your necessities then put only those items on your bed so you are less tempted to add something just in case.

Check the weather in the location you intend to visit. This will help you know what special items you might need such as sandals, a light jacket or a travel umbrella. Think minimal and think handy when your planning and packing your clothes.

Pack clothes you can easily layer and coordinate with other outfits. Limit yourself to two pairs of shoes, one easy to walk in and the other should be dressier. If you really need a third pair, wear them on your travel days so they are not taking up space in your luggage.

Take travel size toiletries. Pick them up the next time you buy full-size supply and then stash them in your suitcase, so they are right there when you are packing.

Ship gifts rather than packing them in your bag. Shipping cost is lower than checking a second bag and it should arrive at your destination within a few days.

Packing smart will surely make for a smooth journey, so keep these packing tips in mind the next time you travel.

Fishing the Northern Territory

Fishing Australia’s Northern Territory

Fishing the Northern Territory

If you’re looking to combine vacation time in Australia with sport or recreational fishing, you have many options to choose from.   Here’s some tips from our mate in Queensland, Daniel. One particularly amazing area you can visit is Arnhem Land, which can be found in the Northern Territory. Because it has been designated as an Aboriginal land reserve, this almost 100,000 square kilometer area boasts of landscapes that have remained relatively untouched by residential and commercial development. For people who love fishing, Arnhem Land is a veritable paradise.

A Wide Array of Fish and Fishing Spots

It’s important to note upfront that, because of the reserve status of Arnhem Land, fishing is only allowed for those people who have the required permits. While this does impose an additional requirement on people who wish to fish in the area, it also offers the advantage of making sure that the natural environment of Arnhem Land, and particularly the fish that swim in its waters, do not become spoiled by a mad rush of visitors.

Once you’re provided the necessary written permission, you’ll find yourself in an area that is rich with relatively untouched rivers, estuaries, creeks and other waterways, teeming with fish like barramundi, blue salmon, saratoga, threadfin, tarpon and mangrove jack. You can also move your boat out into the waters off the shore of Arnhem Land, where coral trout, queenfish, longtail tuna, cobia, giant herring, and many other types of fish, can be found and reeled in. Thanks to the well-preserved natural environment in this region, it offers a treasure trove of recreational fishing and abundant marine life.

Excellent Lodging and Touring Companies

In order to have a seamless, convenient and enjoyable experience in Arnhem Land, it’s a good idea to harness the expertise of companies that have made their name in the area. Speaking with and hiring a reliable tour company will allow you to benefit from their knowledge regarding local fishing conditions. They can tell you when the ideal fishing months are, and which fish will tend to be more abundant during those months (the Run-off period and Build-up period). They know how best to navigate up and down the region’s waterways. Their experience will also allow them to show you where to best set up and cast your line. Then, when the fishing is done for the day, you can spend the night at one of various lodges, which range from simple to more luxurious accommodations.

Arnhem Land remains one of the most pristine natural environments in all of Australia. If you love being out on the water, and you enjoy the thrill that comes from reeling in an impressive fish specimen, Arnhem Land needs to be on your Australian itinerary.