Fishing the Northern Territory

Fishing Australia’s Northern Territory

Fishing the Northern Territory

If you’re looking to combine vacation time in Australia with sport or recreational fishing, you have many options to choose from.   Here’s some tips from our mate in Queensland, Daniel. One particularly amazing area you can visit is Arnhem Land, which can be found in the Northern Territory. Because it has been designated as an Aboriginal land reserve, this almost 100,000 square kilometer area boasts of landscapes that have remained relatively untouched by residential and commercial development. For people who love fishing, Arnhem Land is a veritable paradise.

A Wide Array of Fish and Fishing Spots

It’s important to note upfront that, because of the reserve status of Arnhem Land, fishing is only allowed for those people who have the required permits. While this does impose an additional requirement on people who wish to fish in the area, it also offers the advantage of making sure that the natural environment of Arnhem Land, and particularly the fish that swim in its waters, do not become spoiled by a mad rush of visitors.

Once you’re provided the necessary written permission, you’ll find yourself in an area that is rich with relatively untouched rivers, estuaries, creeks and other waterways, teeming with fish like barramundi, blue salmon, saratoga, threadfin, tarpon and mangrove jack. You can also move your boat out into the waters off the shore of Arnhem Land, where coral trout, queenfish, longtail tuna, cobia, giant herring, and many other types of fish, can be found and reeled in. Thanks to the well-preserved natural environment in this region, it offers a treasure trove of recreational fishing and abundant marine life.

Excellent Lodging and Touring Companies

In order to have a seamless, convenient and enjoyable experience in Arnhem Land, it’s a good idea to harness the expertise of companies that have made their name in the area. Speaking with and hiring a reliable tour company will allow you to benefit from their knowledge regarding local fishing conditions. They can tell you when the ideal fishing months are, and which fish will tend to be more abundant during those months (the Run-off period and Build-up period). They know how best to navigate up and down the region’s waterways. Their experience will also allow them to show you where to best set up and cast your line. Then, when the fishing is done for the day, you can spend the night at one of various lodges, which range from simple to more luxurious accommodations.

Arnhem Land remains one of the most pristine natural environments in all of Australia. If you love being out on the water, and you enjoy the thrill that comes from reeling in an impressive fish specimen, Arnhem Land needs to be on your Australian itinerary.